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Thank you for visiting our site! 
My name is Guenette Bautz and I am the owner of Back Roads Ranch. 
The dream with Back Roads Ranch is to create a country place you can escape to. Back Roads Ranch is a cozy treasure hidden in rural Saskatchewan. It is a place to make memories with loved ones. 

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Back Roads Ranch 

At Back Roads Ranch we are open all year round.

Currently, we have a STRAWBERRY & RASPBERRY + FLOWER YOU-PICK operation open during the warmer months to pick your own strawberries, raspberries and flowers, or pick up at Back Roads Ranch. We also have year-round pick up locations in Humboldt at the Grind Coffee & Spin Studio, Saskatoon: Fas Gas at the junction of Highway 5 & 41. Summer Time Pick Up @ Wakaw 1st Street @ SheCAN Boutique. 


In the winter, experience COUNTRY AT THE RANCH where we have multiple themed days to visit Back Roads Ranch to celebrate the holiday season. 


Within our GIFT SHOP, you can shop our SHE CAN BOUTIQUE CLOTHING TOO items, gift items, BACK ROADS RANCH BEEF, strawberry sweets, as well as, hot and cold drinks.


We host EVENTS for people to connect with one another. Events we have hosted are, "Sip N Snip" nights,  DIY projects, photography sessions, and more.

This business is run by a multi-generational family!  The Bautz family welcomes you onto their property to experience what a Ranch can truly be like.


We will be sharing campers and campsites - where you will be able to stay at the Ranch and receive a more complete farm experience. 

We look forward to seeing you at Back Roads Ranch.


Do not hesitate to reach out! 

See you soon! 


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