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Back Roads Ranch Inc. offers its visitors and clients the opportunity…

…to relax and take in the country landscapes;

…to enjoy the fields of farm fresh products; take in the fresh air and open Saskatchewan skies; camp in the country!

Bookings will begin in April 2024!!!


 Escape to the Country to experience the simplicity of the beauty of the country. You will be provided with a fully functional camper set in the country side, where you can relax, enjoy sunrises, sunsets and campfires. Take a walk down the country trails and quiet roads to unwind your mind. Enjoy a hammock where you can get lost in a book or take the time to refind yourself, set goals or reflect… or simply just breathe and be! Spend time at Back Roads Ranch’s fields during open hours, were berries and blooms are abundant, venture 5 miles to Lucien Lake Regional Park where you can beach it, walk trails, enjoy a meal or fish. Pack your own food to ensure your appetite is satisfied and all your personal favorites are available during your stay (for your safety considering potential allergens in a variety of food, Back Roads Ranch does not offer pre-filled food packages at this time), fresh garden produce (when in season) is included in your stay package. Take a drive using the map provided to view and learn about the agriculture production of the Bautz Farm that will highlight fields … the family history and the current food production each section of soil is being used for or check out other local niche businesses; you can even book an excursion on the Wheatland Express located a short 20 minute drive from the ranch. A hands on farming experience in the greenhouse or on the berry and blooms field can be arranged as well, reach out to the team at the Ranch to explore this opportunity (depandent on the days of the week and the time of the year.   

Green Fields
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